ZIGLY Overview

ZIGLY is a 4th generation intranet – an interactive digital workplace for information, communication and collaboration that helps organizations and teams to become more dynamic and efficient and achieve objectives more quickly and profitably.


With ZIGLY you can post news, articles, videos, polls, wikis, image galleries, files, links, forms, and other content. You can also configure boards for all your communications, news, projects, teams, e-learning, knowledge bases, etc. – all protected by powerful and flexible roles and access control management.

ZIGLY Document Management allows you to store and manage all your organization's files. Users can share and edit files without downloading.

ZIGLY's Channels enable collaboration among team members, allowing them to chat and share information, content, and files in real-time – making teamwork more efficient.

User Experience

ZIGLY introduces an advanced user experience to help drive employee communication, collaboration, and engagement. The awesome user interface allows less-experienced users to capture and deliver information with ease.

What the product does is important. But what's even more important is what the user can do with the product.


ZIGLY's building blocks

ZIGLY combines four building blocks

1.   Content Manager, 2.  Communication Channels, 3.   Drive for File Management, 4.  Applications and Bots


1. Content Manager

With ZIGLY's Content Manager you can manage and publish multimedia content in different formats:

 News     Articles     Notifications   
 Posts  Wikis  Forms
 Files  Videos  Polls
 Image Galleries  YouTube  Links
 Markdown  Banners  Countdowns
 iFrames  Applications  HTML



ZIGLY arrange Content into Boards. These allow you to create and update content with no back-end consoles or other applications. Just post right in the board whenever you need to.

Boards are multi-purpose spaces that can be used for communication, news, shared spaces for work groups, general information, project information, e-learning, knowledge bases, and much more.

Using drag & drop makes organizing content simple. You can also drag content to other boards or share it in communication channels by simply dragging it as shown in the image below. 


Security and Access Control

ZIGLY provides a complete and flexible role-based permissions schema, which allows setting authorizations at contents and boards level, as well as inheritance between them.


2. Communication Channels

Channels enable teamwork and live communication. People can use channels to share messages, content, tools, and files. Conversations, news, videos, files and any other content flow through channels without links or other artifacts. All in a simple drag and drop.

Channels can be voluntary so that users can join or leave whenever they choose, or mandatory, where the company decides who needs to be in the channel and users cannot leave. Channels can also be read-only or bilateral. Read-only channels are very useful for company-wide communications, and for providing one-way information. Privacy options allow channels to be public (where anyone can join) or private (invitation only).

One-to-one channels enable you to make audio and video calls and share your screen.

Below is an example of a channel where content and video are shared.



 3. Document Management

ZIGLY Drive provides a centralized and streamlined repository for all company files. Organize folders effortlessly and keep them secure using ZIGLY's access control management. ZIGLY Drive is accessible from anywhere, and from both desktop and mobile devices.

ZIGLY Drive allows you to upload, classify and move any file by simply dragging & dropping. You can also share files via communications channels in the form of a copy of the original file or as a link to the original file.

Permissions: You can specify who can read, who can modify, who can upload to a specific folder, etc. Each user will see certain files and folders based on their permissions. This allows you to establish virtual drives for areas, projects, or teams.

Integration with Office and Office 365: Z Drive has native integration with MS Office. It allows for direct editing of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files without the need for downloading or uploading them. It makes working with MS Office files very agile and improves collaboration and sharing.



4. Applications y Bots 

Applications are tools that can be integrated into the intranet. Applications enrich the workspace, turning the intranet into a go-to umbrella where users can access corporate tools – providing ease of access and standardization.

ZIGLY boasts a set of applications and an API (application program interface) that allows the integration of third-party applications into the intranet.

Applications that can be integrated include the Meeting Room Booking system, a ticketing system, CRM integration, HR systems, Business Intelligence and ERP – to name but a few.


Bots are a special kind of app designed to interact users via communication channels. They're like having a virtual teammate representing a particular system or feature.

Imagine interacting with the HR system, Server Monitor or even the Business Intelligence system as if it was just another member of the channel.

Ziglybot is a bot that represents ZIGLY. Ziglybot provides you with system notifications and guides users. It can also be integrated with external systems.

If you want to create your own integrations, ZIGLY provides a very easy to use API for creating and interacting with bots.

You can even make bots more powerful and increase interaction by integrating them with Artificial Intelligence systems like IBM Watson, Google Cloud AI, Amazon AI, and more.


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