Benefits of ZIGLY

ZIGLY's benefits can be categorized into two main groups: cost reduction and increased efficiency


Optimize communication within the organization

You have at your fingertips a whole range of communication tools, from content posting (news, articles, wikis, etc.), forms, polls, and shared file repositories to versatile communication channels to facilitate conversation and information flow.


Boost creativity and innovation

Share, promote teamwork, post news and awards, set challenges, create knowledge bases, generate idea frameworks, brainstorm and more. All with an easy-to-use and accessible tool. Deploy company-wide e-learning strategies to promote fast and effective performance.


Share Knowledge

Create knowledge bases and share information and discoveries easily using channels. Find answers to your questions in other people's experiences. Use channels to ask whether somebody else has already faced the same challenges. ZIGLY makes it easy.


Improve the flexibility and adaptability of your organization

Efficient teams, timely communication, knowledge sharing and accessible procedures allow your company to stay agile and adapt to change quickly.


Promote team synergy

Capture information and share it to team boards in a couple of clicks, upload files to ZIGLY Drive and manage access, create communication channels for projects and specific topics, share your screen, configure countdowns and more. Teamwork thrives with ZIGLY.


Create and develop your company culture

Enjoy a definitive competitive advantage. Rely on your intranet to develop a unique organizational culture that no competitor can copy. Post stories and information identifying your company values, phrases of the day, merit awards and more. Promote a sense of belonging, organize live and virtual events using specially created communication channels, and share pictures and videos. Zigly is here to help you.


Increase employee loyalty

Share carrier paths. Deploy e-learning strategies. Outline clear procedures. Create boards and social channels within the intranet. Create opinion polls. Use AI to gauge employee satisfaction. ZIGLY makes it easy.


Prevent loss of intellectual capital

Rest assured that when teammates change jobs, their work, documents, projects, training materials and all their accumulated knowledge remain in Zigly as part of your organization's intellectual capital. Assets stay with you even after an employee leaves.


Ease of access to information and applications

A standardized interface for all users. Universal access from computers, phones and tablets. Application board. Allow access to all applications with a single sign in.


Reduce OPEX

Studies show that employees spend an average of 25% – 30% of their time looking for information. The same studies estimate that 80% of the information required by an employee cannot be found in traditional information systems. This information is often unstructured and unable to be found in documents or even conversations. ZIGLY provides the ideal toolset to capture, organize and distribute such information – and thus boost the efficiency of your company.


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